Fuel and oil treatment systems

MAHLE fuel and lubricant treatment systems can be used any medium distillate, such as diesel fuel, light heating oil, marine diesel oil (MDO), and lubricating oil.

They offer the most efficient and economical solution for the contaminants that are typical for these media (solid and suspended particles such as dust, sediment, and rust or water).Combined filter-coalescers of various ratings are available for the first phase, allowing optimized adaptation to the technical requirements of the application. As an option, a downstream separator membrane can be used to reduce the water content to 20 ppm of free water, in order to prevent microorganism infestation, which can start at about 60 ppm. For severe solid contamination, the filter-coalescer is also available in a two-phase version, where an upstream filter can be replaced independently of the coalescer.

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